How To Choose The Right Exhibition Stand Design

Exhibition Stand Design

Now that you have issued an exhibition stand design brief with your stand location and other requirements, the anticipation begins to build as the designs are created. You wonder how the designer will interpret your vision as the design presentation date comes closer and is finally ready to view.

It is interesting to see the result of your brief, and to be able to visualise how your actual stand will look at the exhibition. Provided the designs are a close fit to your brief, there are a few steps to take, and your major task will be to assess the design. To move to the next step in the process…

How do you choose the right exhibition stand design?

The ideal aim is to have at least two design options to choose from. Having multiple options means it is more likely for the first proposal to meet your criteria and satisfy your requirements. It is a good sign when this happens as it simply means no major changes will be required, so you save time in the design process.

Compare the stand design with the brief

When comparing designs or reviewing an individual design, it is good practice to check your brief and see if each point matches in the design.

Assess the design style and stand layout

Sometimes a stand designer prepares a concept according to your brief but the design does not have the ‘look and feel’ that you had imagined. This is when a first draft can turn into a perfect option: express your observations and preferences to the designer so they can adjust the design. A few tweaks here and there might change the design into something you are very happy with.

Generally, it is not advisable to eliminate a design simply because the first draft did not score on every point in your brief. There could be many reasons for this: for example, perhaps a design was created taking into account some details which were not clear previously when beginning the exhibition stand design process due to technical or other reasons.

In all cases, the stand design and any variations to your brief should be clarified in order to proceed with design modification.

Pay attention to the first stand design option

There are many factors in choosing the right exhibition stand design, and the first draft is usually only the beginning.

When making the all-important choice of stand design for your show, check if the options meet the main requirements in your brief. If so, you have a good starting point from which to finalise the design or approve it right away.


• Note that some changes might increase the stand cost, and the designer should mention this while discussing changes so that you can decide whether to proceed or not
• Some changes that might look ‘minor’ are not actually so, and any requested changes might result in a whole new design and not a simple design change

Would you like to choose the right exhibition stand design?

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