How To Choose The Best Exhibition Stand Design From Your Stand Contractor

best exhibition stand design

Choosing the best exhibition stand design is not a simple task, especially if the design brief is met in all options.



The Design Approval Stage

In case your contractor presents various options for you to choose from and you prefer specific options, by all means narrow down your search to consider only those options.

Some options might even have different costs attached, so it is a good idea to determine your budget priority.


Role of the Stand Designer

The designer would have ideally already addressed any design challenges or limitations earlier in the process so that the final designs show what is and is not possible, thereby simplifying the selection process for the best exhibition stand design.

As you have reached the end of the design stage, your exhibition stand contractor will be able to

  • Describe the benefits of all options
  • Show how specific aspects of the design cater to your requirements in the brief
  • Demonstrate any later changes you requested


Compare Stand Designs Side by Side

Now that you are aiming to select the best design, it is a matter of closely comparing your choices. What do you notice are the main differences in the options and how would these impact your decision?


The Double-Decker Dilemma

To illustrate a real design dilemma, this might occur when deciding between 2 options for a large double-decker stand.

For example, your design brief states a preference for a specific staircase style and location, and you also need a closed storage room with specific dimensions.

When you are presented with the design, it becomes apparent that it is not possible for these specific requirements to be included together.

This is likely to be due to a number of factors specific to your brief and project, and when a compromise would have to be made.


Decide which stand component is more important

To further illustrate the challenge, Option 1 shows the requested staircase style in the preferred location, but as there is not enough space for a storage room according to the requested staircase details, the best design solution is to provide extra cabinets for storage purposes.

In contrast, Option 2 allows plenty of space for a storage room but only on the condition that the staircase is spiral, and not as per the preferred location.


Where to draw the line

It is necessary to prioritise aspects in order of importance, such as design and look vs. practicality and comfort.

Sometimes it is not possible to achieve all design goals due to factors such as the complexity of design and layout.

The best exhibition design you choose will incorporate as many of your design requirements as possible while always maintaining the top objectives of your show participation.


Extra tips to help you choose the best design from your stand contractor

  • Visualise people flow on your stand to decide the location of various stand elements
  • Determine whether a particular stand element can be changed in your future exhibition stand build


Do you need the best stand design ?

If you are looking for stand contractors to manage your exhibition stand, please submit your stand design enquiry to discuss your design brief.

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